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5 Reasons Why You Need To Tell Riveting Corporate Stories

So you have taken our advice, and you started blogging and posting, writing and making short videos, but you are still not getting the love you hoped for from your audiences. My friend, stop! Re-read what you have written… It is not what you say, it is how you say it!

Here are our tips on why you should be putting out great content that will work for you:

1. Great Content Builds Relationships

People want to relate to you and your brand, and great content has the power to inspire trust through two-way communication with your audience. By listening and engaging with your audiences, you will learn to empathize with them. Transparent storytelling, talking openly about who you are and what your values are will truly shorten the distance between you and your once stranger customers. And that is the foundation of a great lasting relationship.

2. Useful Content Sets You Up For Thought-Leadership

If your content is good, then it is sure to make a great first impression. Moreover, the more relevant and beneficial content you create and publish, the more you are seen as a reliable, trustworthy expert in your field. Once you are established as trustworthy, then you become a point of reference for your interested audience. They fall in love with your content and will want to share it, which links back to you and your website and bring you even more fans!

3. Great Content Increases Your Organic Ranking

It isn’t easy to be fresh and relevant in today’s market. You are probably working tirelessly on your SEO but still can’t see the results you are hoping for; to rank high and be easily found on search engines. But great content is not only about keywords cheekily inserted in hastily written lines. Great content has to be relevant, useful, sincere, original, and answers the consumer’s lingering questions. Which will make it highly shareable, and so will never grow tired or old because it will be refurbished and repurposed. Your relevant useful content will pave the way to establishing your legacy, putting you at the top of search results, ahead of the competition.

4. Great Content is Super Cost Effective As a Marketing Tool

If your content is good, then you get found organically – that’s great marketing without spending a penny! Thanks to the glory of social media, all of your content is – mostly – free to publish! Think of all the money you’d be saving!

5. Great Content Increases Visibility (of Your ROI)

Return on your investment in creating great content is measurable, unlike other marketing tools like billboard advertising. Thanks to modern day technology and engagement data analytics, you are able to track your consumer’s activities from the moment they’re exposed to your post to the moment they become customers, and therefore assign revenues to your investment in that content. Moreover, you can monitor which content attracted more interest and adjust your strategy accordingly, thereby spending more where you get results, and less where you do not.

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