Strategic Communications

The Challenge

STC wanted to communicate its customer-centric approach and showcase its new products and services.

Strategic communications - STC Products & Services2

The Solution

Saba Consultants solution was to tell 5 stories that when put together completed the message. The stories were to be delivered in a friendly, jargon-free narrative supported by visuals that lead the eye, encourage engagement, and ensure retention.

5 stories that clearly portrayed STC’s commitment to evolving the company’s offerings and culture were written. Each film emphasized STC’s deeply rooted values of offering quality products and services in order to facilitate strategic and consistent communication of STC serving the needs of its consumers across. This connection remained throughout the entire short video series.

The Result

The films were used on giant screens around STC’s magnificent stand at the MWC in Barcelona. They were a huge success with conference goers. Moreover, the films were featured internally and externally allowing STC’s audiences to better understand the value they can get out of using STC products and services.

The campaign improved STC’s positioning with stakeholders and investors, as well as through its’ audiences by being viewed as a positive provider in touch with its markets and the needs of its’ consumers.


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