Corporate Identity

The Challenge

A newly formed quasi-government real estate company retained Saba Consultants to come up with:

  • A name that reflected its essence,
  • Positioning statements and messaging that echoed its raison d’être,
  • A voice and an image, and, to execute its branding accordingly.
  • The company was established to undertake sustainable real estate projects that will enrich societies and economies wherever it may fall.

After studying the client’s objectives and analyzing key real estate players in the region, we identified the following economic pillars: Infrastructure, Transport, Hospitality, Real estate, and Ambition.

Corporate Identity - Ithra Dubai7

The Solution

To echo the objectives from setting up the company, we found an acronym made up of the first letters of the words for the key economic sectors the company will be serving. “Ithra Dubai, which is Arabic for Enrich Dubai was the perfect fit, and therefore the perfect name.

To visualize the name, we searched for the one thing that fed and enhanced everything it touched, that gave more than it took. The Dubai Creek is the body of water around which Dubai grew. It has been Dubai’ bloodline around which trade took place and Dubai flourished. Ithra Dubai’s logo is inspired by the shape of a section of the Dubai Creek. We selected a color that denotes strength, burgundy, coupled with a color reminiscent of security, grey, to give life to the logo.

Corporate Identity - Ithra Dubai6

The Result

Besides reflecting the mission of the company, Ithra Dubai’s name and branding convey both modernity and cultural pride, the company’s two main values.

Corporate Identity - Ithra Dubai4

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