How To Write Effectively For Your Business?

People love stories, and everybody has one. Your business is no different.

Corporate storytelling is an essential tool if you want to stand out in a world overflowing with voices clamouring to be heard. But just getting your story out there isn’t enough. It needs to be told well. That is what will get your voice heard. That is what will build your reputation and open communication channels with your consumers. That is what will distinguish you from your competition.

When you tell your story well – through well written content for editorial or video – you engage consumers. You show them that you took time and effort to offer them well written content, not just the sound-the-same-as-everyone-else content.

With well written content, you show your consumers that you want to entertain them, to benefit them and impress them. Fresh, professionally written content should have them read and watch till the very end, and then share it with their contacts.

Nike has been telling stories before storytelling was even a thing, and their stories reflect their journey as a brand. “Our stories are not about extraordinary business plans or financial manipulations,” explains Nelson Farris, Nike’s chief storyteller. “They’re about people getting things done.”

So, what does well written content look like?

  • It gets to the point, is clear and is immediately understood – nothing gets your audience off your page faster than convoluted, difficult to understand content. You never want them to ask themselves – what are these guys trying to say?
  • It’s well researched – This shows integrity. It shows you care about the information you are offering your audience. It makes them trust you and makes you a point of reference to them. They will keep coming back because they start relying on you.
  • It does not patronize – Well written content should engage, entertain and benefit. But be careful not to talk down to your audience.
  • It is natural, conversational and engaging – If you want to open communication and dialogue with your audience, you need to be natural. Defining your tone is essential for this. It makes you consistent and recognisable, and your writing becomes more natural and true to your brand.
  • It is well edited – Sometimes, when you get stuck into it, you can lose the point you are trying to put across. Editing offers you a fresh set of eyes that can spot things you might miss and can offer another valid perspective.

A big part of Almarai’s story, the Saudi based food giant, is its relentless commitment to quality and achieving that quality through state of the art facilities. Part of their story is also being approachable and part of the community. Their storytelling video is a perfect example of well-written and well-executed content that reflects the brand’s personality.

It comes down to this. Your content reflects your business, and the quality of your content reflects the quality of your business. If you are going to put out content, make sure it’s well written – or risk disappearing in the crowd.

So, is writing well only for the few? Not necessarily. But it is a skill that needs to be worked at and honed. If you don’t have the resources for well written work, give us a call.

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