The Renaissance of Interactive Content

So everybody is buzzing around content – or at least everybody should be – and those in the know have recognized the effect of sharing high quality content on their brands and are now asking how to make their content even more unique to their customers, and more engaging.

When you have great content, you want to package it in an entertaining and engaging way that will encourage customers to love and share it. For you, that’s free brand awareness!

Interactive content, which requires a customer’s active participation as opposed to simply watching or reading, is having a renaissance. Content is delivered in an effective and engaging manner, delivering not only relevant information but also attractive visuals and – at times – audio as well.

Interactive content is usually built as an experience to either entertain or educate the audience for attracting, nurturing and converting leads; or to help the business gather a large quantity of data to better understand and build their customer profiles and personas.

It is a two-way dialogue with your audience, the experience is highly personalised and user-focused. It entices participants to interact in order to receive real-time answers. And of course, with higher social sharing come more leads.

Rope in your audiences through inviting them to be active participants to your content! Learn more through our handy infographic.

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