Will Chinese Film Week Bring More Good Stories?

The upcoming Chinese Film Week, part of Hala China’s plans in the UAE for China’s golden week will bring a new wave of “China fever” to the UAE. This will open the door for more businesses in the UAE and GCC to tell their stories and showcase their products and services to the Chinese consumers who are hungry for them. 

The influence of Chinese cultures and stories is expanding to an unprecedented global scale.

(Chinese animated film: Big fish Begonia)

A world-class movie will resonate with audiences from different backgrounds, in the same way that a well-written story about your brand will resonate with your potential clients in the market you are targeting.

For Chinese consumers, every foreign company is a good “movie” worth watching. Your company history, vision, values and long-term strategic goals are all components of that story. Your consumers will get to know you through this story, they will get to trust you, and eventually become loyal customers and advocates of your brand.

(Shanghai, China)

A good business story has to resonate with local consumers.

Language will always be a barrier when it comes to developing and growing businesses across borders. A good story that is crafted in your audience’s local language will always be more effective with your ideal customers.

At Saba Consultants, we create high quality Chinese content be it editorial or video, and we publish content where your Chinese audiences can see it.

Why do companies have to tell their stories?

In today’s digital world, your customers are searching for you online. They do not know you by name – yet! But they are looking for what you are selling. Will they find relevant content that will lead them to you?

What’s more, people tend to choose partners or brands that they are familiar with. As a new brand in the market, how can you win the trust of local customers?

The answer is by constantly providing helpful, relevant and valuable content for your potential customers online. You will become familiar to them and eventually have them as loyal customers.

If you plan to develop business in China and have no idea how to communicate with your audience, we are here to do the job for you. We craft your business story to bring you closer to Chinese businesses, customers and buyers, to help you penetrate this market on an equal footing with the locals.

Why us?

  • We write high quality Chinese content.
  • We understand local consumers and build trust between you and your customers.
  • We create content in different formats, including editorials, video, infographics, etc.
  • We provide specialised content for marketing in a wide range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, education, financial services, etc.
  • We have rich local experience with 8 years of experience providing services to large corporates and governmental entities in the UAE and GCC countries.
  • We are a powerful multicultural team with multilingual capability.
  • We are dedicated to creating top quality online content that meets your objectives and helps you grow your business.

Click هنا to let us tell your story.

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