5 mistakes with content marketing and how you can avoid them!

Companies in the UAE and globally are stepping out of their comfort zone and incorporating content marketing into their marketing strategy. The most content-savvy ones are prepared to spend up to 50% on upping their game over social media and publishing original content over their website. But whilst this is commendable, there’s still the potential for brands to get content really wrong.

We’re going to look at some of the most persistent mistakes still being made by companies and suggest ways you can approach content marketing more effectively for your business.

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Diving in head-first

You’ve heard that having a presence on social media or posting a company blog these days is a no-brainer and a sure-fire way of generating leads. You’ve even got the data to prove this! However, to ensure your investment in content marketing pays off, think carefully about what you want to achieve and plot a strategy around it before rushing in. If the aim is to get more leads, do some persona-building and try to learn more about who you’re trying to target. If your goal is to raise brand awareness use this same information to find out the best platforms for reaching out to them.

Not listening to your audience

A lot of businesses get trapped in their own echo chamber and forget to listen to their prospects. You need to know what resonates with your audience, so fine-tune the information you have, analysing which content and posts have performed well, and the ones that haven’t. This will give you a clearer picture of what grabs them and what you need to avoid in the future.

Posting, then thinking your job’s done

Once you’ve posted and you’ve got yourself some healthy engagement, you assume it’s time to put your feet up. Wrong! Even when things seem to be going smoothly, you still need to pay close attention to the way your audience is reacting even after posting. Look to ways you can optimise your content; employing SEO tactics strategically is a cost-efficient yet valuable way of ensuring that your content gets seen. 

Content means written content

In the UAE and the Middle East, there’s the assumption that content means written content, and companies are reluctant to try other mediums. To stand out in the busy marketplace, you need to widen your focus and make the most of all of the formats out there, like infographics, vlogs, podcasts, and many others that will surely spice up your content and diversify it.

Content without a heart

Finally, be true to your audience and share them what your company is truly about. Don’t put on a façade or pretend to be what you’re not. Show the human faces behind your company, and always ensure you’re offering them something of value and relatable to them so they feel appreciated.

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