Content Marketing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019!

We’re wrapping up what’s been a whirlwind year in the world of content marketing. Endless updates to Instagram and other disruptions have kept us on our toes and sharpened our senses as to what works well for audiences and what doesn’t. Now, we’re looking ahead to what 2019 holds for businesses in the UAE and the region planning their content marketing strategy and what you need to be focusing on to get more people behind your brand.

Take a look at our predictions for what we’ll be talking about this year and learn more about the trends that you really don’t want to miss out on.

2019 will be the year for content marketing

The last few years have seen a big shift in the way that companies see content marketing. As more and more firms come to recognise its power and value as a method for increasing lead generation whilst still being cost-effective, by 2021 it is predicted that the industry will be worth over $400 billion.

Going into 2019, we’re going to be seeing businesses across the entire spectrum either expanding their content marketing budget or dedicating funds to it for the first time. Industries that might not seem to lend themselves to social media or blogs, like manufacturers, or healthcare providers, will be making use of these mediums more and more to reach out to their audiences, whilst companies already trying out content marketing will dedicate even less of their budget to traditional advertising and target their audiences much more meaningfully with more conversational approaches, such as brand storytelling.

“Upcycling” your older content

We predict that companies will be looking back as much as they will be looking forward, as they make a move to repurpose the best of their existing content for today’s audiences. To save money commissioning new pieces of content from scratch, businesses can repackage a blog which proved popular a year ago and update it with new and more relevant information. Or, to spice up their websites and feeds, they have the opportunity to transform written articles into handy infographics, or use the wisdom from an advice blog and turn it into a video script for a vlog. By trying any of these methods, marketers will be able to make big savings on their 2019 budget!

Automation will play a bigger role – but be wary

Advances in AI and other automated forms of technology created a big buzz in 2018, for example, with marketers automatically scheduling posts to save time, or brands popularly adopting chatbots to help handle greater volumes of customer service requests efficiently and more cost-effectively. However, customers still look for that human touch when dealing with a firm, so putting robots forward instead of real people at crucial touchpoints can risk alienating prospects or turning even your most loyal customers away from you. Businesses, therefore, should aim to create a balance between enjoying the benefits of automation in customer engagement whilst still trying to keep interactions “real” and authentic for their customers.

Nurturing…till death do us part

Earlier in 2018, we talked about customer journey as being akin to an infinite loop – that is, you, as a conscientious marketer, catching your customer at each stage of the journey, even after the point that they’ve purchased your product of service. Incorporating into your plan ways that you can keep the relationship between you and the client going is a must for this year, so you can build up customer loyalty and be the kind of company which they will recommend to their friends and their networks.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is going to play a major role in more and more businesses’ marketing strategies in 2019, however, we always want you to keep in mind our evergreen tips for rolling out your own plan:

*Listen to your audience

*Publish high-quality content that they want to read

*Publish regularly (but don’t spam!)

*Monitor, optimise, and be prepared to change when it’s not working!

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