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How social media is dictating our content as a publishing house

New trends in social media are affecting the way marketers approach their work. See a list of what’s trending and how to approach this band of newcomer platforms.

Tiktok vs Snapchat


Blog: TikTok vs Snapchat for business

In the GCC, Gen Z and Millennials are highly influential, they have higher purchasing power than other regions, and they’re the ones who affect change. And guess where they’re spending most of their free time?


The Best Automated Marketing Tools

Getting your product out into the market is not always an easy proposition. Automated Marketing software is how it’s done these days. Take a look at how you can save time and maximize your efforts to find and convert new potential clients, keep existing customers happy and grow your business.



Mastering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you are attempting to gain traffic using SEO and are not achieving your targeted website traffic, you have either not come up with the right customer search queries that fuel traffic to your site, or your SEO is not properly set up.



Dubai Municipality Ramadan Campaign

How we used good content, motion graphics and relevant information to promote health and fitness during the 2015 Ramadan.