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Content Marketing Strategy - UAE Moral Education

UAE Moral Education

Content Marketing Strategy

How we used social media to boost the online profile of UAE Moral Education and increase engagement with the program

Inbound marketing strategy - Gulf steel work had limited online exposure, lack of relevant and dynamic content and a weak social media presence.

Gulf Specialized Works

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing strategy – Gulf Specialized Work had limited online exposure, lack of relevant and dynamic content and a weak social media presence.


Annual Report

Saba consulting helped create a colorful visualization of DU’s annual report.

Storytelling - Pan Gulf Industrial Investment

Pan Gulf Industrial Investment


By using strategic positioning, scripting, and filming techniques, we were able to create a video that memorably depicts the invaluable contributions of the newly formed PGII and its companies to the industries of KSA.

Storytelling - MOE Achievements2



We produced a 3-minute film that told the story of the MOE’s journey. The purpose shot footage was super-imposed with elegant and relevant motion graphics that did not distort the picture nor take the attention away from it.

Awareness Campaigns - Capital Market Authority

Capital Market Authority

Awareness Campaigns

Saba’s social media campaign for CMA to raise public awareness of investment rules, regulations & laws using motion graphic videos was a success.

Awareness Campaign - Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality

Awareness Campaign

Saba created a series of 15s motiongraphic videos for Dubai Municipality for TV ads and Instagram for a Ramadan Campaign, raising awareness about healthy living


Awareness Campaign

The Ramadan campaign Saba created for Almarai using motion graphic videos to promote healthy lifestyle was a viral success on social media.



Saba helped Almarai in telling their stories through engaging motion graphic videos distributed through social media to raise awareness and build trust.

Community Outreach - Almarai1


Community Outreach

We produced a video for our client “Almarai” in a format that was appealing and engaging for the target audience: young Saudi men.


Awareness Campaigns

Saba created English and Arabic motion graphic videos for Du mobile, to strategically raise awareness about the new app and promote customer loyalty.

Corporate Identity - Ithra Dubai

Ithra Dubai

Corporate Identity

Saba had the honour of working with Ithra Dubai on their journey to define a corporate branding strategy that reflects their missions, visions and values.

STC Products & Services

Strategic Communications

To strategically delivering STC’s customer-centric values, Saba created a series of motiongraphic video content to communicate and deliver the corporate message

Strategic communications - STC Products & Services copy

STC Products & Services

Strategic communications

Saba created a comprehensive, omnichannel communication strategy to deliver STC’s customer-centric message and values to internal and external stakeholders.