Who we are

Nour Tahqakha

Content Specialist (Arabic) aka “Sibawayha”


With the same passion with which I create stories for my kids, I look to spread success stories in the world

Born to a household filled with books, Nour is our Arabic Content Specialist with a passion for storytelling. With keen knowledge of SEO, she elevates the content she creates with the use of top keywords. She utilizes SEO techniques and tools to ensure our quality content rises to the top of search engine hits.

Nour has worked with international and homegrown titles in print such as Marie Claire, Haya, Dubai Calendar, Saneou Al Hadath. She has also worked with inspiring and exciting brands online such as Bashartek, Tajuki, Babonej, Ikea ae, One&Only, NBK UAE and more. She proudly boasts that websites she has worked to improve have attracted 80% organic traffic on Google Analytics; Epic!

Meet our team


Yara Shaheen-Abuelreish

Assistant Content Producer/Copywriter


Rivca Ariscrisna

Head of Design

Tanya Ghandour

Project Manager


Diana Mamonong

Executive Assistant


Dina Taylor

Chief Operating Officer


Cyba Audi


Carline D’Almeida

Senior Designer