The Challenge

Recently, the Ministry of education in UAE celebrated 40 years of community service and development in the education sector in the UAE.

We were given the task to showcase the Ministry’s achievements over the last 40 years and to present it as a leader and game-changer in the region.

Also, the task was to present the MOE as a progressive organization with eyes firmly set on the future.

Storytelling - MOE Achievements1

The Solution

We approached the story from the MOE’s impressive numbers which describe the work of the ministry and quantify its’ successes and achievements.

We produced a 3-minute film that told the story of the MOE’s journey. The purpose shot footage was super-imposed with elegant and relevant motion graphics that did not distort the picture nor take the attention away from it.

The film was produced in two versions with VOs in English and Arabic. The graphics on the screen were displayed with both languages on top of each other. This allowed the MOE’s large audience to follow the story with ease.

Storytelling - MOE Achievements2

The Result

The film was screened for the first time at the opening of a major education conference in Dubai.

The film was later on used by the MOE multiple times including being used as the Ministry’s entry to the government excellence program.

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