Awareness Campaigns

The Challenge

In 2013, du produced a mobile application the aim of which was to inspire people in Dubai to chase wellness. The end goal was to inspire loyalty amongst du users by adding value through an app. The film encourages viewers to download the app, and get on their way to improve their health and overall wellbeing.

Awareness-Campaigns - DU1

The Solution

Saba created an animated and engaging film that focused on the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise routine, and highlighted the app features. Two separate videos in Arabic and English were written and produced to maximise reach within Dubai’s multilingual community.

The script was carefully crafted to deliver enough information about the app and its features to keep the audience interested. The graphics we minimalist yet fun and appealing, and we chose a warm and trustworthy voice over to deliver the messaging.

Awareness Campaign- DU

The Result

The end result was a success that not only increased awareness but also resulted in growing the amount of downloads through ITunes and Android users.

The campaign helped position du at the heart of Dubai’s drive to prompt its youth and populous to adopt an active lifestyle. Du came across as a corporation that cares about its stakeholders.

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