Unrequited love: How can I get the client to notice me?

Dear Saba,

I’m desperate to get to know a client better, one very special client in particular. I’ve been trying to romance them for over a year yet nothing I do seems to work. To start with, I took out an ad in the paper, hoping they’d see it. When they didn’t notice that, I paid for an expensive slot on prime-time TV. Again, no result. I then turned to email and social media, hoping that the personal approach might work better. Still no luck. In fact, I don’t even know if they saw these ads or clicked on my posts on social media.

 It’s now Valentine’s Day and I almost feel like giving up. I’ve spent a lot of money on branding and all these expensive adverts, and for what? I don’t know what else I can try. Please help!

Best wishes,

Unlucky in Love

Dear Unlucky in Love, 

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I appreciate you’ve gone to a lot of effort, not to mention expense, to woo this potential client but with little to show. Nevertheless, there are many effective ways to get their attention and, better still, keep it!

First, draw them in by posting interesting and relevant content across all your online channels. Think about what they want to read, rather than what you think they should read.

Go for engaging yet snappy content on social media that they’ll want to click.

Aim to post regularly on your blog and social media to maintain their attention.

Once they’ve noticed you, you want to give them the opportunity to engage with you more. Make sure your website has a visible subscribe button or other ways that they can sign up easily. From there, you can send them personalised email campaigns and track their interactions better (whether they opened it, what sections they clicked on, etc.).

If you keep nurturing the client and understanding their needs, not only will they notice you but they will keep coming back for more!

Good luck,


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