Awareness Campaigns

The Challenge

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) is the regulator of the Saudi capital market. It strives to maintain a fair and equitable market for all while fostering a transparent and attractive environment for local and international investors.

In 2015, the CMA’s focus turned to extending public awareness of its rules, laws, and regulations.

The CMA turned to Saba Consultants to help raise awareness on three crucial and complex topics

1.Qualified Foreign Investor

2.Regulations of Companies with Capital Losses

3.Responsibilities of Individual Investors

Awareness Campaigns - Capital Market Authority1

The Solution

Saba produced three concise, clearly illustrated motion graphic videos. Writing a concise script was a delicate task, as the legal terminology in both Arabic and English could not be altered. Saba managed to overcome this limitation by working closely with the client’s legal department and ensuring the messages remained in tact while lightening the language.

We also used attractive graphics and paired them with color, music, and sound-effects. This not only brought each video to life but also guaranteed audience attention retention and message retainability.

Awareness Campaigns - Capital Market Authority2

The Result

The video campaign was a social media success, the three motion graphics are among our most viewed works.

Not only did our short and informative videos increase public understanding of investment practices in financial markets in Saudi Arabia, but they also helped position the CMA as a pro-active, dynamic and accessible promoter of investment transparency.

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