Community Outreach

The Challenge

Almarai spends millions of riyals on a community outreach program, its Dairy and Food Polytechnic, which aims to offer vocational training to Saudi youth empowering with skills and know-how to take up jobs.

Almarai needed to raise awareness to this program with the objective of increasing sign-ups and loyalty. But also to highlight its commitment to the development and support of Saudi young generation and economy.

The challenge was to present the serious messaging while delivering in a format that was appealing and engaging for the target audience: young Saudi men.


The Solution

To keep the emphasis on the importance of the message we decided to let the highest authority in the company carry the message, and deliver the strategy and reasoning behind the program. Furthermore, we loaded the program director with technical details of the program, then heard testimonials from a graduate and a current student at the polytechnic.

All that was paired with fun graphics that floated around the speakers to emphasize the important information – so the viewer does not miss any of it.

In addition, we purposely shot footage around the polytechnic showing the students in action, for peer proof.

Community Outreach - Almarai1

The Result

The video was used during the launch of the program and helped raise awareness about the benefits of training at Almarai.

It continues to successfully encourage the enrollment of young Saudis into the program.

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