What is Content and Content Marketing?

Sometimes, certain phrases start flying around in a work space and sometimes flying right over employees’ heads. Content is one of those phrases.

It is essential for businesses to not only know what it is but to know what it is not. It is not content that screams at customers to buy that business’ products. It is not a one-way conversation with your customers. It is not purely beneficial for your business alone.


Content is information, written, audio/visual or interactive. It opens a dialogue between your business and your customers. It is information that benefits your customers. It is information that allows your customers to make more informed decisions that affect buying habits. It is a way that can bind your customer to you and inspire his or her loyalty.

Your customers becomes a part of your story. They become your brand champions. The right targeted content is powerful and essential now.

Simply put, Content Marketing is targeting the right content at the right audience to benefit your business.

Why you should adopt content marketing for your business

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