Saudi Telecom 5 Motion Graphic Video Series | The Making

Time is a big factor for us when creating motiongraphics for our clients.

As you can guess, there are deadlines to meet and we have grown accustomed to working with (very) tight ones.

Our secret? Tact. Motiongrahics may look nice and simple, but packing a lot of information in 60-90 seconds (and sometimes only 15!) while evoking a thrilling story is a challenge.

When we get on with the task, we work hard at linking smart, elegant, and engaging visuals with the hard facts of each story we write. We carefully craft each motiongraphic to deliver insights and inspire our audiences.

Because at Saba, as Oliver Wendell Holmes said, we believe that “man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions,” .

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