IGTV Under the Microscope

In keeping with its penchant for announcing regular, headline-grabbing updates, Instagram has recently launched another new feature which promises to get both individuals and businesses excited.

IGTV, which appears within your existing Instagram application or can be downloaded separately, is designed for use on mobile phones, offering long-form, vertically-formatted videos that start playing the minute you go to the channel. 

Keeping it fresh

“It’s time for video to move forward and evolve,” said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom at the launch of IGTV. Unlike other applications, IGTV-uploaded videos do not automatically appear on the News Feed page, but users can choose to watch them whenever they want by clicking the IGTV icon on the home page. This adds value to the user experience as it seamlessly combines the business world with the daily stories, without changing the user’s habits.

IGTV is for everyone and installing it is easy and smooth, but length of the broadcast varies from one user to the other, based on number of followers. Verified accounts can broadcast up to 60 minutes, but, for all accounts, videos are kept in-app and can be viewed at any time.

Opportunity for individuals and businesses

A unique opportunity for businesses to expand their followership is furnished with the launch of IGTV, as Instagram users’ count has already jumped above one billion and forecasts say numbers will keep soaring.

This new feature lets companies creatively display products and services in a smooth and interactive way. By choosing a catchy title for your video, along with the right content and sound effects, viewers will be excited to watch it. You can try adding some relevant links and different tags to have your videos appear in more searches, too. 

Supervision, control, and future opportunities

By reviewing the available activity insights, it is possible to monitor and analyse the results achieved by measuring viewership and comments, gauging how interested the viewers seemed, and assessing their interaction with the content. You can also interact with the viewers’ comments and feedback.

Currently, commercials are not yet available with these videos, but this possibility remains open in the future, so creators of these videos will be able to monetise their work.

Today’s social media users have more demands, wider knowledge, and greater awareness. They have the control as more and more choices are laid out for them. Therefore, it’s imperative for companies aiming to draw the attention of their audiences and expand their markets to make the most of what is at hand. IGTV opens the path for creativity, and everyone is invited to take advantage of this priceless space. As a tool , think about adding it to your content strategy; it is highly promising, and its marketing prospects are unlimited.

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