In 2018, Do Not Miss Out Again (like you did in 2017!)

Any company worth its salt must be actively publishing content on its own online platforms if it harbors any hopes of flourishing beyond its provincial limits. These days, maximum online engagement is the surest way to expand and capture a whole new sphere of possible customers.

The growing effectiveness of Content Marketing if you are B2B or B2C, or even B2G is unassailable, and Google’s numbers are saying it loud and clear for all to hear: 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone.

In modern day marketing, blogs, videos, infographics, e-books, podcasts, etc. shared over email, social media, landing pages, instant feeds, etc. all play an integral part in online lead capture and conversion, and must be optimized for boosting brand discoverability. This not only involves the use of keywords, but more importantly, it involves content of high and honest quality and immediate relevance to its intended target audience.

In an ever-evolving environment where trends lead but can also mislead, the tricky part for any enlightened marketer is staying on top of the content that is working for attracting visitors to their website, and what of it is less effective.

In 2018, on the whole, most of the 2017 recommended practices for grabbing the attention of and holding on to desired targets will still be worthwhile. But, importantly, in addition, there will a lot of focus on a clearer, more aggressive move away from active selling and misleading claims. Today’s audiences are knowledgeable and more clued in, so content must avoid not-so-subtle sales techniques or fictitious material.

And, there are new leanings toward more substantial cutting edge graphic design, however, the real emphasis will be on good quality video production, and content that is designed to fit multiple formats.

Live video content is also growing at a rate of knots. According to Facebook, users spent 3x more time watching live videos than a video that’s no longer live.

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) and 3D graphics are also up and coming realms where content marketing can showcase high quality content and enhance a customer’s journey on your website.

So in 2018, content will definitely be led increasingly toward direct customer engagement and participation.

Once it is all been put in the mix, the outcome is bound to be an increased need for clear strategy development and managed execution plans that take into account audience needs and consumption preferences. More than ever, constant monitoring and pouring over analytics will necessitate that these plans be designed for adjustment and constant tweaking. That is why you must not ignore your automated marketing tools, like Hubspot, if what you seek is higher efficiency of time and money.

So what can you include in your marketing strategy this year, that will guarantee you the levels of interest and engagement you crave from your desired customers?

The substance in all the emails, infographs, blogs and other forms of content is still the driving force behind any major lead attraction and conversion. It certainly is high on the list of tick boxes for Google’s search engines! Therefore, it remains at the top of any worthwhile marketing strategy or campaign. In addition to substance, there are the following usual provisos:

  1. Pitching something to a disinterested audience will propel you to oblivion faster than the speed of the web. Know your audience!
  2. Your platforms and your substance must be original. Nobody wants to plough through blogs or mails or websites that look or sound as if they are remnants of the 20th century. New ideas, a new approach and useful graphics are at premium now.
  3. Your content should be easy to read, easy to share and easy to re-visit.
  4. Landing pages, call-to-action buttons, easy site access; all still count. Put extra thought into their use around your website.
  5. Aim to make your content sought after by sharing easy, quick-reference tips and tricks.
  6. There’s nothing more alluring than a useful site that also is attractive. Make sure yours is tasteful, uncluttered, and free of typos and grammatical errors.

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