Brands through our lens

Client: APICORP – Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation

Project: Annual Report Microsite 2021

Role: Graphic Design / Content Writing / Development / Animation

Annual Report Microsite 2021

APICORP’s shift to clean energy has transformed its objectives, moulding the company’s future and towards progressive, agile and green energy solutions. This notion was carried through to the design of their annual report, showcasing energy in motion.

We created a series of modern, circular icons to convey APICORP’s key pillars in a fresh and modern way, capturing the sense of motion from clean energy such as wind turbines. Comprised of cool, soothing tones, the colour palette exudes a corporate yet progressive look and feel. The colour green is woven throughout the report, reinforcing APICORP’s focus on sustainability.

This interactive microsite houses APICORPs annual report content online, allowing users to navigate & search the report smoothly and professionally rather than scrolling through a PDF.

The report’s content was created organically in both English & Arabic, succinctly conveying technical topics and industry updates across all sections of the report.

The interactive site was created alongside a traditional print report, and an animated film, presenting the reports highlights in a dynamic & lively way. 


Brands through our lens

Dubai Government Entity

Annual Report 2022

A showstopping report for an outstanding year

Microsite-Featured 2

APICORP - Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation

Annual Report Microsite 2022

Focus on the region’s energy transition with this annual report microsite


APICORP - Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation

Annual Report 2022

Focus on transition with this dynamic Annual Report

APICORP - Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation

Annual Report Animation Highlights 2022

Brining APICORP’s Annual Report into focus via smooth animation

Ta7t El Hawa Ma3 Cyba Audi

Ta7t El Hawa Podcast Logo + Branding

A striking visual identity for a podcast offering insight into the world of business & beyond

Saba Consultants

Nutritious Campaign

An eye-catching campaign for the health conscious shopper

Dubai Government Entity

Corporate Calendar Design 2023

Leaping into 2023 stronger than ever


Dubai Government Entity

Annual Report 2021

Showcasing another year of excellence with surging synergy and connectedness


I AM Health and Strength Coaching

Health & Fitness Brand Identity Creation

Bespoke branding conceptualised for a new health & strength coaching concept


APICORP - Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation

Annual Report Microsite 2021

Feel the Energy with this sustainability focused annual report microsite


APICORP - Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation

Annual Report Animation Highlights 2021

Feel the Energy with this sustainability focused annual report animation


APICORP - Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation

Financial Institute Annual Report 2021

Feel the Energy with this sustainability focused annual report


Real Estate & Development Corporation

Corporate Crisis Communications Plan

A strategic crisis communications plan to help this organisation prepare for disaster, no matter how dire

Property Management Branding and Logo Creation

Modern Content

Property Management Branding and Logo Creation

Branding and Logo created for a sleek new property management company


Sandooq Al Watan

B2C Social Media Look and Feel

A visual identity created to connect this social initiative with students who value education and research


Saba Consultants

News Style Animation Film

A fast-paced dynamic animation illustrating the newsworthy topics and an easy to grasp & quick film

hyrec featured image


Website Design & Creation

A fresh and clean look designed with a smooth user journey in mind while highlighting key content throughout.

Dubai Government Entity

Corporate Calendar (2022)

Welcoming the new year with a sleek look.


Asharq Bloomberg

Business TV Show Logo

An eye catching logo for the first business morning show in the region.

Sloane Harbour

Sloane Harbour

Real Estate Brand Identity Creation 2021

Bespoke branding and a unique logo is created for a B2C Real Estate company.


A.R.M. Holding

Website Refresh & Rework

A sleek update for a smooth user journey with the right content highlighted throughout.

Sloane Harbour

Sloane Harbour

Real Estate Brand Website Creation 2021

A user-friendly website is created for a B2C Real Estate Company.


Saba Consultants

Pink October Campaign 2021

Eye-catching and informational breast cancer symptom awareness campaign.

ICD Calender

Dubai Government Entity

Corporate Calendar (2021)

A modern calendar to welcome the new year in style.


Saba Consultants

Airport Awareness Campaign (Covid-19)

A witty campaign with a whimsical take on Covid-19 safety information.



Introductory Corporate Video

A corporate video produced to introduce Dubai Global Connect to the world.


Dubai Government Entity

Annual Report 2020

Highlighting another year of excellence with dynamic and geometric designs.



Corporate Brand Identity Creation 2020

A new branding and logo is conceptualized for a wholesale market unlike any other.


Saba Consultants

Shop Safer – A Covid-19 Awareness Campaign

An informative campaign highlighting protective measures targeting grocery shoppers during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Dubai Government Entity

Annual Report 2019

Highlighting yet another year of success through futuristic and forward-thinking design.


Dubai Real Estate Centre

B2C Social Media Look and Feel

A sleek look and feel for this real estate company’s leap into the world of social media.


Saba Consultants

Covid-19 Awareness Campaign

Designed to grab attention and impart crucial safety information, this campaign ensures viewers Spread the Word, not the Germs amidst this new, uncertain covid-19 pandemic.

A.R.M. Holding

Corporate Social Media Look and Feel

A visual identity created for a holding company establishing their presence online.


Rashed Farm

Commercial Brand Identity Creation 2020

Branding and logo conceptualization for a B2C client in the food & beverage industry.


A.R.M. Holding

Highlight Videos – Global Grad Show Finalists 2019

Highlighting the Global Grad Show finalists: how they came to conceive their prize winning start-up ideas and the important world issues they hope to address.


Saba Consultants

Branded Awareness Campaign

A creative awareness campaign that tackles new imperatives imposed by the COVI-19 pandemic, masks specifically.


Private Brand Identity Creation 2020

Branding and logo concept and design for a private organization looking to promote networking and connectivity.



Commercial Brand Identity Creation 2020

Branding and logo conceptualization for a client in the fashion industry in the KSA.



Al Wasl Corporate Sponsorship Video

A video produced to announce the exciting sponsorship of Al Wasl Club by Dubai Real Estate Centre.


Moral Education

Digital Activity Hub

Dedicated landing pages with educational games for students across the UAE.

Saba Consultants

Visual and Informational Ebooks – Pandemic Guides in English and Arabic

Eye-catching and informative, our easy to follow ebooks helped share vital information during the pandemic.


Gulf One Capital

Corporate Brand Identity Creation 2019

Branding and logo creation for an investment and financial organization.


Sandooq Al Watan

Highlights Animation 2019

Graphic animation created to highlight Sandooq Al Watan’s achievements in 2019.

Gulf Steel Works

Gulf Specialized Works

Corporate Video

Our successful video featuring Gulf Specialized Works processes.


Moral Education

B2C Social Media Look and Feel

A youthful approach to social media connects this educational body to students on a new platform.


Dubai Government Entity

Annual Report 2018

Highlighting the successful ventures of a longstanding entity through purposeful design.

46th UAE National Day Video


UAE National Day 2017

The UAE is a nation of incredibly dedicated, artistic and hard working Emiratis, and we felt that they needed to be represented.


Ithra Dubai


The video encapsulates the essence of Ithra Dubai’s iconic One Za’abeel, showcasing “The Link,” or the world’s largest cantilever.

Almarai About Us


About Almarai

A motion graphic video about Almarai, the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy producer, and the way they produce and distribute their products.

Eid Al Adha Greeting Video -ADCB


Eid Al Adha 2017

Saba’s video production for ADCB this Eid Al Adha went viral on Youtube with 2.75m views over 3 days.

ADCB Eid Al Fitr 2017


Eid Al Fitr 2017

Video produced by Saba Consultants for ADCB for their Eid Al Fitr greeting to their customers.


Customer Care Video 2016

A motion graphic video describing the detail that the Almarai customer care team goes through to make sure that the customer is satisfied and taken care of.

Capital Market Authority


CMA | Saudi Arabia

A motion graphic film for Capital Market Authority that professionally yet creatively expresses the legal procedures to be taken when dealing with investments.

DU Wellness App-1


Wellness App Video

A motion graphic for Du, one of Dubai’s leading telecom providers, highlighting their innovative wellness app.

Emaar Annual Report 2012


Annual Report 2012

To highlight Emaar’s achievements in 2012, this film features eye-grabbing footage of some of Dubai’s beautiful landmarks – all built by Emaar.

PGII - Pan Gulf Industrial Investment-1


About PGII

Introducing Pan Gulf Industrial Investment – straight from the heart of Saudi Arabia. They are the leading industrial conglomerate in the region, and our corporate film highlights their reach.

Saba Consultants A Year In Review-1

Saba Consultants

A Year in Review – 2015

Take a quick glimpse at the year that Saba Consultants had in 2015! From love, joy, trials, and victories, it was a huge year with great success.

STC _ One of the Regions Telecommunications Giants


One of the Regions Telecommunications Giants

A motion graphic video about the region’s leading Telecommunication provider, STC. The video details STC’s strength by numbers.

Drive Carefully _ Ramadan Campaign


Drive Carefully I Ramadan Campaign

This colourful stop-motion video reminds viewers to be careful on the roads, despite being tired after the late night Iftar dinners.

SHUAA Investment Bank


This short video briefly tells the viewer about SHUAA’s origins and their success story over 50 years in the industry.


Annual Report 2011

This short video focuses on ADCB’s unique culture and values, along with insights regarding the bank’s achievements for 2011.



Video Animation

This animated video highlights TDCC’s work to support families and children struggling with learning and/or development differences.

DU Annual Report 2012


Annual Report 2012

Du’s 2012 Annual Report featured glimpses of du’s behind the scenes network capability, and some of the most beautiful landmarks in Dubai, highlighting du’s impact on the country.

Dubai Chamber

Dubai Chamber

This film delivers interesting facts about the Dubai Chamber, paired with eye-grabbing graphics and animation, and catchy music.


Customer Care

In this motion-graphic video, we remind Du customers that their favourite telecommunication provider is always there for them in times of need.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program

Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program

Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program

We created this motion graphic video to explain how Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program (SLP) introduces technology to classrooms for the benefit of teachers, principles, students, and their families.

Dubai Chamber LEED Building-1

Dubai Chamber

LEED Building

The Dubai Chamber resides in the first LEED-certified building in the Middle East, and the fourth outside of North America.

Ministry of Education Visionary Film

Ministry Of Education

Visionary Film

This video highlights some astounding facts on the performance of the Ministry of Education in the UAE, and their constant improvement.

STC Connectivity They Take To Heart-1


Connectivity They Take to Heart

A motion graphic video detailing the inner workings of the STC Mobile Application, complimented by simple and colourful graphics.

DU Annual Report 2013-1


Annual Report 2013

This 2013 annual report for Du is eye-grabbing and informative, all about the year Du had and the numbers involved in their success.

Almarai Annual Report 2013-1


Annual Report 2013

Almarai’s 2013 Motion Graphic Video Annual Report, which details their ambitious plans for operation growth and expandsion!

Dubai Municipality Eat & Stay Fit Thareed '15

Dubai Municipality

Eat & Stay Fit Thareed ’15

This cute little motion graphic is part of a series of videos we did for the Dubai Municipality’s Ramadan campaign in 2015.

Paces 2014 Annual Report-1


Annual Report 2014

A motion graphic video highlighting the 2014 annual report of Paces, and how they help enrich the lives of children in the GCC region.

Capital Market Authority

Companies With Capital Losses

This is a motion graphic video made for Capital Market Authority. The video is easy to watch, despite the serious topic, which is about legal information.

Capital Market Authority

Qualified Foreign Investor I CMA

A motion graphic video for the Capital Market Authority, explaining how one can become a qualified foreign investor in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Importance of Exercise

A motion graphic video that shows the viewers about the importance of exercising after breaking your fast during Ramadan. Part of the Almarai Ramadan Campagin.

PACES- Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports


Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports

Writing the story of PACES was very uplifting for us. It’s a beautiful story about hope that features children, adults, families, sisters, and brothers.


Annual Report 2012

This corporate film takes you straight to the Almarai headquarters to show you it’s financial growth for the year.

Traditional Middle Eastern Recipe_ Almarai-1


Traditional Middle Eastern Recipe

Created for Almarai’s healthy living Ramadan campaign, this stop-motion video features the recipe of a well-known meal: the humble “Foul”.

Aramco_featured image


Animated Awareness Clips

A series of informative animated clips illustrating energy saving tips