Awareness Campaign

The Challenge

In 2015, the Dubai Municipality wanted to produce a TV campaign during Ramadan that would raise awareness to several points:

  1. Encourage traditional meals
  2. Raise awareness to calorie consumption
  3. Raise awareness to calorie expenditure during exercise
  4. Encourage exercise
  5. Encourage use of DM parks

The campaign carried a limited budget, and was to be aired during primetime slots on a local TV channel, Sama Dubai, immediately after Iftar.

Awareness Campaign - Dubai Municipality2

The Solution

Saba created a series of five 15-second animated films that aired on Sama Dubai TV. The motion graphic films were crafted in Arabic. Each carried all 5 objectives stated by the client.

The production was done without a VO considering that people would be watching TV on mute during the mealtime. Nonetheless, it played to a very catchy tune.

The productions were also devised to make maximum benefit out of them. They were also formatted for instagram.

Awareness Campaign

The Result

The end result was a success on both TV and social media, with several mentions of the campaign in the local newspapers during Ramadan, and even later on during the year.

The campaign further helped strengthen Dubai Municipality’s reputation as pioneering social wellness in the UAE, aligning a healthy lifestyle with local cultures, traditions and cuisines.

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