The Challenge

Pan Gulf Industrial Investment, PGII, is a newly formed holding company with eight established steel manufacturing and engineering subsidiaries.

In 2015, PGIIC approached Saba Consultants to tell their story through a corporate video that introduces the holding and its subsidiaries, and highlights their contributions to the regional industry scene.

The video was to be comprehensive yet concise, engaging, and memorable. The subject matter is heavily technical, yet the story needed to be told, understood, and retained by all viewers

Storytelling - Pan Gulf Industrial Investment1

The Solution

Following rigorous research on PGII subsidiaries and their competitors, Saba Consultants positioned PGII as the manufacturer to the Saudi manufacturers, a leading industrial manufacturer that supplies Saudi manufacturing giants with the components they need to build such sectors critical to the Saudi economy as oil, gas, and desalination.

We were able to keep the story clear and concise by featuring the most notable products and clients for each PGII subsidiary.

To engage users while illustrating the quick pace and diverse activities of the companies, we employed split screens throughout the film.

Storytelling - Pan Gulf Industrial Investment2

The Result

By using strategic positioning, scripting, and filming techniques, we were able to create a video that memorably depicts the invaluable contributions of the newly formed PGII and its companies to the industries of KSA.

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