The Challenge

Almarai is one of the largest food producers in the region. It needed to show capability and flex its muscle while at the same time remaining connected with its broad customer base.

We needed to emphasize that with its size, Almarai remains a caring company driven by its commitment to delivering quality that can be trusted.

Balancing its added value to consumers’ lives with presenting a strong image of being big and lean, and progressive, bragging about state of the art facilities, was a challenge we were presented with.

Storytelling - Almarai2

The Solution

We decided to use a cheap medium, social media platforms, to spread the word about how big and mighty Almarai was. Throwing a load of numbers at social media users would never achieve a result.

We decided to simulate those numbers and bring their value closer to people’s minds by pairing them with examples from everyday life. 28 football fields is the area of the Almarai facilities. And the wingspan of 2 747 jets, the length of its oven. This helped consumers visualize Almarai’s might.

Storytelling - Almarai1

The Result

The resultant motion graphic to-date remains one of our most watched.

Almarai repeatedly use and repost it across all their social media platforms prompting several hundred shares and likes.

From our side, Saba Consultant has seen several referral pieces of business instigated by viewing this motion graphic.

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