Is Content Marketing the Only Marketing Left?

Is Content Marketing the Only Marketing Left?

It might not be the only marketing left but it is the only one worth doing at the moment and for the foreseeable future.


Because it’s giving customers exactly what they want when they want it; which is valuable information that can help them make better purchasing decisions every day.

Because of where technology is today, consumers have access to a plethora of resources and information, so much so that it can get confusing and a bit intimidating. By making good, quality content available to your potential buyers, you become an authority and a trusted resource to your customers; they become your fans because you are giving them – selflessly! –  something useful that can improve their lives.

What is it all about?

Content Marketing is about connecting to your customers, engaging them and interacting with them.  Through positive interaction, brands listen to their customers, understand the challenges they face, and fashion written or video content to offer customer solutions. Companies who use quality content in their marketing are finding that they can add value to their customers, benefit their top AND bottom lines, earn the trust of their audiences, and quickly adapt to market changes.


Content Marketing Customer Journey Cycle – Saba Consultants 2017

A great example of great customer interaction is Nike who have a separate account on twitter for customer service . @Nikesupport was set up to avoid a clog up with their own content on @Nike and @Nikestore thereby ensuring the quickest response to follower interactions; always answering any comments or queries quickly, helpfully and respectfully. Nike’s comments aim to make them personable and approachable to their customers.


Whole foods provides great content for their consumers all focused around healthy living and earth conscious eating. They educate and help customers with useful articles about eating healthier on a budget, GMOs, weekly menus and the ever exasperating subject of kids and food.

whole foods

So how do you do it?

  • Listen to your customers, anticipate their questions and their needs and create content that answers what they may want to know.
  • Create content people want to share, whether it’s because it’s entertaining, interesting, or newsworthy.
  • Be authentic in your content.  Unreliable and doubtful content is a downfall for any business
  • Tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience. Make it a story people can relate to.
  • Become a part of your customer’s story and let them become a part of yours. We have been telling corporate stories for seven years, helping companies verbalise and visualise their messaging.
  • Be approachable through your content channels.
  • Share. Happiness – and knowledge – is nothing without sharing. Take advantage of the technology platforms available and relevant to your business to spread your content.

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