Webcast on a Desert Island?

Imagine yourself on an island. It’s deserted save for you and your laptop. You have a bundle of thoughts, opinions and questions running around in your head that you are itching to share. Now imagine you also have a data bundle. You’re suddenly not so alone anymore, are you? The millions of people around the globe can become your audience, wherever you are and wherever scattered they are. You can share your expert opinion with the world in real time using one of the smartest and most efficient marketing and communication tools available today – the Webcast.


Webcast put in simple words is live broadcasting on the Web. What is it that you need to show the world – a hot topic media presentation, an exclusive interview, a live event, an announcement, or a product launch? Webcasting is the way to go. Emanating from a single content source, a webcast can take your presentation to a global audience in real time. In most cases, the webcast later sits in an archive folder on a portal that is available on demand. All you need is a steady internet connection and a PC, tablet or a smart phone.

How to get started?

Like all marketing tools, the first step for producing a webcast is planning. Begin with forming a strategy and defining the goals from the webcast. Then, identify your target audience and create strategic content that resonates with them. Finally, decide on the software you will use, and select and prepare your host/presenters. Why not create a process flow chart at this stage to ensure that each task is clearly outlined along with its deadlines and owners.

What is the investment?

It will pay to spend time researching and finalizing a delivery platform that becomes a significant business partner for launching all webcasts in the future. The licensing guidelines and the relevant features of the portal are the main criteria for selecting the platform. In addition, research on latest trending topics, data collection like speaker bios and cross promotional material are an important investment.

If the major focus of the webcasts is on exclusive interviews, then a sound audio-visual studio will come in very useful.

And, of course, we cannot stress enough how crucial a fast and reliable internet connection is for live streaming – it will make or break a webcast.

Finally, and because technical glitches come as standard in any live stream, make sure you select a solid backend technical support team.

What is the promotion strategy?

Nothing like word of mouth, if you have it flaunt it! Talk about your webcast everywhere – from social media platforms to company websites, from email blasts to focused E-newsletters. The secret is to intrigue the target audience with beguiling promo ads, teasers and creative images. After all, a huge live webcast viewership is a direct measure of the success of the webcast.

Tracking the number of registrations is a fundamental metric used against the attendance report which determines if the webcast was a hit or a miss.

How to engage the audience?

Interaction with the audience is the key to hold the ‘crowd’ and create a memorable experience for the viewers. Conduct polls by posing questions to your audience throughout the webcast to evaluate the level of audience engagement. Other tools to gauge engagement include a live chat option and a Q&A session – these are great ways to connect with the audience and acknowledge their views and opinions.

What is in it for you?

In the current era of digital content marketing, webcasts are the most powerful, effective, and cost efficient marketing tool with a global outreach. As they are interactive with immediate and measurable feedback, the assessment of success is almost instant. Post show reports that are generated help analyze the viewing trend and the audience demographics. These studies can be used to strengthen the consumer relationships and identify potential customers which can further pave the way for lead generation and business growth.

Let Saba Consultants help you go live.

We will be delighted to help your business continue and flourish and circumvent challenges like working remotely and social distancing.

Through live webcast solutions, we will help you tell your story, unveil your expert opinions, and share your success with the world via live streaming and webcasting to increase the market value of your brand.

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