Why you should start a blog right now

‘Nobody reads anymore’ I hear you say and it is true that when it comes to online journals or large bodies of text, 43% of people admit to skimming them. What is also true is that 409+ million people read WordPress blogs each month WordPress, that companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website and that you can easily influence the way your visitors buy with the help of your blog Marketing. Your business needs a blog and here are 5 reasons why!

  • Useful Information

Imagine you’re a travel company offering adventure trips to Patagonia. If your customers have never been they won’t know what to expect, especially if it involves outdoor hiking. Why wait until they receive their travel pack telling them they need to have waterproof breathable hiking trousers, comfortable waterproof hiking boots and a light waterproof windbreaker? Here’s a thought: why not post information on your website listing a choice of brands with decent quality options at a reasonable price along with useful advice on ‘breaking-in’ their boots before they undertake the journey to reduce the risk of blisters? You might want to post information on what to expect from different class hotels in the area and make a point of listing any added facilities such as WiFi, spas, gyms, or hairdressers. There are specialist sites that do that very well but having it there, on your travel site, featured next to the destination in question, and heavy with relevant handy tips on equipment, hotels, and facilities doesn’t just save time, it hooks the audience. By taking the time to inform and caution and foresee their preferences, possible difficulties, and their well-being, you foster a sense of trust that is plugged straight into your product. Blogging for your brand is a care package that comes with a return in conversions and brand loyalty Fresh content.

  • Sharing your ethos

Online journals are all about connecting with your visitors, clients, or potential new customers. It is the source of information about a brand that gets broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, emails, and newsletters. Social media consumes this material and diffuses it throughout the web, for free, providing powerful advertising and promoting your brand because you have offered something that people have found useful, informative, or simply creative. It means you have made an impact. They are also where a brand can legitimately showcase itself, sharing with the world your history, your philosophy, your talented employees, your intentions Brand trust. Blogs help create an appealing brand identity which in turn promotes customer identification with that brand, because they share the same ethos. If you have nothing to say about yourself, nothing will be said about you.

  • Service for Industry Authority

Sharing reliable and resourceful information expresses your product expertise. Again, with trust comes loyalty. Your audience will visit your site for ideas, for information, for further connections. A quote or a share from Forbes, the Financial Times, or the Economist carries weight. Your brand may be about producing steel bolts but if you share your in-depth knowledge, millions of individuals and companies who need a bolt will visit your site to check you out, opening you up to potential new business. When a visitor finds a blog with helpful answers, they are more likely to associate you with that outcome both at the time and in the future, even though they may not have even been considering what your brand has to offer. Those who visit regularly because they read one or several blogs on your site, inevitably accumulate more information about your brand and its standing in your industry Trust . When they choose your blog over others they are inferring that you know more about the subject or your advice is better, or more helpful or more relevant or more trustworthy. Clicking, liking, sharing, or referencing your blog makes your brand an authority and that attracts more visitors, higher ranking on SEOs and a higher chance of conversions.

  • Open Channels and Feedback

An online journal creates a momentum of its own. Existing clients and potential new customers willingly interact with your brand through your website. Comments will pour in through social media platforms constructing a channel of communication full of feedback, some of which will also be negative. By engaging with the response, the comments, the criticism, and the advice, a brand can learn a valuable lesson in what its public would like to be offered, what they would like to have changed, how popular or unpopular an item is and what it should be looking at for the future Feedback. No amount of money can buy this degree of product feedback or forward-looking advice, giving you that edge over the competition. If you’re not putting out a digital bulletin, you won’t have all the necessary tools to gage exactly where you stand in the marketplace!

  • Marketing wheels and cogs

Blogging is an essential part of a marketing structure. It feeds that strategy with material which can be measured, targeted, scored, diffused, and optimized to increase a brand’s ROI and its conversion rates. It attracts the attention of SEOs and provides a brand with the opportunity of being highly ranked in SEO results. According to a HubSpot survey, 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. It supplies the source material which analytics use to reveal a panoramic view of who your visitors are, a breakdown of their journey on your site and what they liked most. Blogs are by no means an isolated action feature in a marketing strategy, but they do underpin all the other features of it. 

In the current business environment, digital invisibility is a considerable handicap and a brand without a blog is a rudder-less ship in serious danger of drifting aimlessly at sea.

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