Visibility of Awareness Campaigns and Accessibility of the Message.

If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

An awareness campaign, notwithstanding the strength of its message or the beauty of its art, is only as strong as it is visible. Its intended audience can only benefit from the message so long as it is accessible, simple, relevant and repeatable

 As strategic communicators, we have poured our editorial, content, and design skills into developing campaigns that can help protect, safeguard, and inform our community and we are using all means available to boost their visibility.

Our latest campaign promotes best practice advice for safely unpacking groceries in your home in six simple steps printed on grocery shopping bags, plastic, paper and canvas. 

Shopping bags are the ultimate shopping partner. Having awareness messages plastered on the one object shoppers see multiple times while at the checkout counter, when loading and unloading their cars and later at home will ensure that the message is in their face, serving as a constant reminder to stay safe while and after they shop for groceries. The safety tips can be easily followed at home too where the advice can be taken into practice.

It’s also a chance for the outlets carrying the “awareness shopping bags” to demonstrate their commitment to community service and their interest in their customers’ safety.

See our informational design below.

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