Dubai Municipality Ramadan Campaign

This Ramadan, we created a TV campaign to help Dubai Municipality promote its fitness initiative. As colorful as a traditional Emirati Ramadan Iftar table, our five 15-second videos have aired every day during the Holy Month of Ramadan on Sama TV Dubai, and were posted to the delightful clicks of the Like button on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

Our campaign aims to inspire people to exercise a little after indulging in some of their favorite traditional dishes to burn off calories and stay fit.

We selected dishes from the Emirati cuisine, that weave seamlessly into the culture of the UAE, and linked them to recreational sports people can easily practice in Dubai Municipality’s many well equipped public parks.

We recruited the help of a nutritionist to ensure the validity of the numbers of calories eaten and burned from these dishes and activities.

The campaign was a huge success. So much so that the Khaleej Times wrote this:

“The department has launched an awareness drive to highlight the importance of exercising especially after dinner and how sports prevents diseases and enhances health.

One of the animated videos being aired on local TV channels and social networking sites of the municipality tells people to brisk walk for 42 minutes or cycle for 23 minutes to burn 150 calories consumed by eating harees, a popular Emirati dish.”

It is our first series to be broadcast on TV! We are proud to have had the privilege of working with the Dubai Municipality to inspire a healthier lifestyle in Dubai while staying true to the local culture.


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