Earth Hour, Every Hour

This is not a story just about us at Saba. It is a narrative that concerns us all. Because in the world we live in, you reap in the West what others have sown in the East.

Car exhaust fumes emanating from Alaska can be inhaled by individuals in Timbuktu and plastic particles of a bottle thrown in the ocean from South African shores can be ingested by Norwegian salmon.

With a domino effect, our daily un-ecological habits are bound to change Mother Earth as we know it – unless, to paraphrase Dr. Seuss; “we all care a wonderful lot.

Earth Hour

We can all do small things to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, such as observing Earth Hour every year by turning off the lights for 60 minutes to fight climate change and celebrate the wild beauty of our planet.

This year, Earth Hour is being held on March 28 at 8:30PM local time in all countries across the globe. At Saba Consultants, we are launching a year-long campaign to prolong the effects of this auspicious occasion beyond 60 minutes a year.  We will regularly feature on our social media channels a small tip you can easily implement in your daily routine to make a big green difference, tips for a green tipping point.

We all live on the same planet and few are those of us who are willing to leave it for Mars. So join us in spending an hour on Earth for the Earth, and follow our easy tips to effortlessly make every hour Earth hour.

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