The Tale Behind Our Name

Few people know the story behind our name, Saba. It does resonate, of course, with the first name of our founder and fairy godmother Cyba Audi.

Cyba Audi

Both names stem from Arabic, and share the same original spelling. However, they are pronounced differently as they bear distinct diacritic marks. Their meaning also differs: Unlike Cyba, Saba does not mean youth. Saba is a symbol of eternity and it defines everything we do.


Saba is a feminine noun pronounced in Arabic as Assaba, meaning the gentle wind that arises from the East, when night meets day. It is a metaphor for storytelling, an art that is as inherent to humans as natural phenomena are to Earth. Storytelling hauls stories from the darkness of oblivion into the light of remembrance.

Not only does our name describe what we do, but it also reflects who we are. We were born in the Middle East, and we strive to bring a wind of change in the region. We make strategic communications see the day in a region where business minds mistake media impressions for communication outcomes. And to top it all, we’re an all-women company, igniting feminism which enhances the work environment in the Arab world.

At Saba Consultants, we bring a fresh perspective to our clients. To help them forge enduring relationships with stakeholders, we make sure that each Saba fruit is as youthful as Cyba and as timeless as Assaba. Our organizational videos and campaigns, for instance, have been shown to have a reinvigorating effect on their audience, just like a breeze would do to those who experience it.

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