The 5 E’s-y Steps That Will Make Audiences Share What You Post


Content marketing is an inbound marketing tool that enables businesses to attract and convert visitors into customers, delight them through great content to promote brand loyalty and share your content to ultimately promote brand awareness.

When developing content, quality has to be the most important ingredient for the success of your marketing strategy. Smart content crafted for defined personas, when properly positioned and promoted, reaches the target audience. As the viewers become more engaged, businesses can nurture them further down the sales funnel to become customers. As delighted customers, the now converted customer is your brand ambassador. But for serious brand awareness, do not overlook one essential factor; your content’s shareablity.

Creating great shareable content can be quite challenging. We have all failed at it almost more times than we have tried it. But do not despair, here we share (pun is oh so intended!) with you 5 E’s-y steps to creating great content your customers will want to share:

Entertain – To have fun when you are working, to learn without training, that must be the holy grail. Your customers want to be entertained. So keep it light, and think of how you can charm your audience.  The more they are entertained, the more they are likely to share!

Educate – Customers want information that not only offers them something they didn’t know but that is relevant and beneficial to them. Content that can help them answer questions and solve riddles.

Ease – Your customer’s time is too precious to spend it clicking away at broken links, or worse still, multiple clicks, copies and pastes, in order to share a piece of content. Always make sure all your sharing links are in full working order, clearly indicated, and several available to allow sharing on a variety of platforms. The worst thing is creating a great piece of content that customers find hard to share.

Engage – Keep ‘em coming back! The more good content you put out, the more they will stick around. Soon you will be known as a reference for good content, and a community will form around you, support you, and be your biggest cheerleaders.

Emotions – It has been proven that emotion based campaigns provide better engagement and are more effective than those based on rational reasoning. Moreover, certain emotions present better engagement opportunities for brands. Content that triggers positive emotions (awe, laughter, amusement) is shared far more  than that triggering negative (angry, sad) feelings. Happiness is nothing if not shared! So get creative with your content and delight your audience with positive messages that they are more likely to share.

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*Source: The 6 Types Of Social Media Content That Will Give You The Greatest Value

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